About Us

Aerobo’s Drone Services

We create stunning aerial photos and videos for clients in the News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection industries.  Our fleet of highly-vetted drone pilots and videographers use professional drones and top-notch camera gear to produce unique, aesthetically captivating footage.

Aerobo is an industry leader in providing high-end aerial video and photography.

We’ve used professional drones for aerial cinematography, virtual reality production, surveying and inspection, and imaging for clients across 40 states and three countries.

Using this breadth of experience, we’ve also engineered our own proprietary drone, designed in partnership with ABC and CBS. Our team of aeronautical, mechanical and video engineers built the drone with a custom heavy-lift X8 multi-rotor aerial system that supports a Sony HDCP1 camera. It runs on Sky Dreams Air Pain for CCU control and has an IMT Microlite HD transmitter.

Aerobo has shot more live telecasts from a drone than any company in the world.


Operational Team

Manning the drone company day to day, the operations team draws on a wide skill-set to provide the company with the expertise needed to grow in its role as the industry leader for high-end drone cinematography.

Brian Streem


Cherie Surti-Sayed

Controller/ Director of Finance

Suresh Kumar

Lead Aerospace Engineer

Steve Strazza

Sr. Director of Sales

Dexter Kennedy

Chief Pilot / Flight Ops

Sasha Rezvina

Director of Marketing

Chris Kim

Account Manager

Qinzi Tan

Unity Developer

Ben Egan

Operations Manager

Jon Graham

UAS Pilot

Paul Trillo

Creative Director

Advisory Board

Aerobo’s Advisory Board provides strategic, technical and other business guidance as the firm grows and adapts to the changing marketplace. With a variety of backgrounds, the Advisory Board delivers key insights that help make Aerobo a leading drone company.

Bill Beecher

Senior Strategy Advisor

Lisa Calhoun

Senior Marketing Advisor

Matt Levinson

Strategic Advisor

Ken Lorell

Senior Aerospace Fellow